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Jake King

Jake King

“Can’t read properly they said, dropped out of school they said, there’s not much hope for him they said.”

These are the comments people said to me a lot growing up, and I have spent my life proving them wrong. It’s this strength of character that has pushed me to pursue what I love, and why I have gone into partnership with my mate Toby, to open our tattoo parlour City of Ink.

You’ll find me running City of Ink like a well oiled machine. I take care of the business side including consultations, bookings, marketing and advertising. Toby and I have built City of Ink to be an environment that is as comfortable as possible for our clients, with talented tattoo artists and staff on hand that are always polite and respectful.

Just like Toby, I love tattoos and in my spare time I enjoy motorbikes, keeping healthy and fit, and looking good. Even if you want to chat with me about footy, have a few photos, or need some fitness or general advice, pop in and have a coffee.

I’m proud to have built a business that’s like a family, and our clients and guests are always welcome in our home. Whether you are getting new ink or just want to share stories, our doors are always open and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jake Thomas

Jack Thomas

Hey there, I’m Jack, or as I’m known in the Instagram world, Jacktee. I’m 22 years old and I’ve been tattooing since 18. I love what I do and I love putting my own spin on artwork and designs.

I’m well educated in Photoshop, I love to do Abstract/Trashy art as well as Black and Grey Realism. My styles also include Neotraditional, Fine Line Work, and many forms of Colour.

Some hobbies that I have, include Mauy Thai which I’ve been doing for a number of years, I have a big interest in technology and I am also what you would call a “massive gamer.” If I’m not tattooing I’m sure you will find me online somewhere! Look forward to working with you all.

Karlo Escuadro

Karlo Escuadro

Hey my names Karlo, I’m 22 and I’ve been an artist all my life. I’ve been working as a tattoo artist Melbourne for 4 years now and wouldn’t change it for the world. I studied fine art at Victoria University before becoming a tattoo artist to further my artistic skills, which I translate in my artwork.

I specialise in black and grey portraiture, freehand work and traditional Japanese and love doing colour.

Outside of tattooing I love my basketball and spending time with my family and friends. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always had a pencil or paintbrush in my hand. Drawing everything from anime characters to people, from cars to buildings, you name it I’ve probably drawn it or painted it. Some future goals of mine would be, to see how far my tattooing career can take me and to hopefully run my own studio one day.



Hi my names Dale, I’ve been tattooing now for 8 years. I’ve been influenced by tattoo art, street art and comic books since a very young age. Seeing art like my Uncle’s traditional tattoos inspired me to draw and create a true-life long passion for art. If I’m not tattooing, then I’m drawing, painting or working on digital art.

“City of Ink” has been a great environment for me to work with a passionate crew of artists that are helping pushing each other to create outstanding artwork.

– Dale


Hi there, my name is Pavel and I am 31 years old tattooist Melbourne from the Czech Republic who loves exploring the world and tattooing at the same time. I have been tattooing 7th year and apart from the Czech Republic I also tattooed one year in Canada, one year in New Zealand and currently here at City Of Ink, Melbourne.

My favourite tattoo style which I really enjoy doing is hard to describe.

My style is inspired by cubism, graffiti, fauvism coloring and actual Europe tattoo scene.

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