14 Sep 2016

Fox FM’s Fev gets inked by City of Ink

If you were tuned into Fox FM’s Fifi, Dave, & Fev this week, you would have heard the unmistakeable sounds of our very own Jake King, tattooing the glute of Brendon ‘Fev’ Fevola. City of Ink was called upon after Fev made the call that he would get a tattoo live on air of his football team Deer Park, if the team became 2016 premiers. You can ch…

6 Sep 2016

City of Ink delights with our spectacular grand opening

City of Ink has been going from strength to strength of late, and we thought it was about time that we let our hair down and had a bit of a party to celebrate our exciting new revamp.

For Jake, Toby and the City of Ink team, it was the culmination resulting from months of hard work and dedication to have City of Ink become what Jake and Toby hav…

31 Jul 2016

Special Offer for Feather Stroke Eyebrow Tattoos

Have you heard about the very latest in eyebrow cosmetic tattoos? Bold eyebrows are back, and if you’re tired of pencilling yours in every day, it’s time to put down those eyebrow pencils and tweeze…

22 Jul 2016

City of Ink Under New Ownership

If you’ve wandered down past City of Ink in South Melbourne lately, you may have noticed a flurry of activity. We’ve decided to inject some new life into the place and we want to introduce you to our new owners – Jake King and Toby Mitchell.

The boys have worked hard to give the place a new look, and we have more surprises coming up down the t…

24 Jul 2016

Our Exciting New Addition – Eyebrow Feathering

Cosmetic tattooing is a growing industry in Melbourne, and you can now get perfect eyebrows right here at City of Ink, with eyebrow feathering. You may have seen traditional eyebrow tattoos that use a tattoo machine and produce unrealistic block coloured tattooed eyebrows that go blue/green over time. Our cosmetic tattooist Samantha Perrett, is hig…