31 Jul 2016

Special Offer for Feather Stroke Eyebrow Tattoos

Have you heard about the very latest in eyebrow cosmetic tattoos? Bold eyebrows are back, and if you’re tired of pencilling yours in every day, it’s time to put down those eyebrow pencils and tweezers, and pop in to see Samantha here at City of Ink. Samantha is highly experienced in providing our customers with microblade eyebrows (also called a feather stroke tattoo or feather touch tattoo).

Not only do microblade eyebrow tattoos help to tame out-of-control brows, Samantha will create for you beautifully shaped and natural looking eyebrows that will not only frame and compliment your face, they will give you a more groomed and youthful appearance. Feather stroking can help anyone who has over-plucked, patchy, uneven, or poorly shaped eyebrows, as well as people who have scars or little eyebrows due to a medical condition.

If you have been unhappy with your eyebrows and feather stroke eyebrow tattoos sound exactly like what you’ve have been looking for, Samantha here at City of Ink, can help you to achieve perfect eyebrows. Best of all, throughout August we are offering half price eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, that’s a $600 value for only $300*. This offer is for a limited time only and bookings are filling up fast. Book your microblade eyebrows today with Jake, Samantha, or the team of Tattoo Artist Melbourne at City of Ink on (03) 9077 1818.

*Offer only lasts until August 31, 2016, terms and conditions apply.