24 Jul 2016

Our Exciting New Addition – Eyebrow Feathering

Cosmetic tattooing is a growing industry in Melbourne, and you can now get perfect eyebrows right here at City of Ink, with eyebrow feathering. You may have seen traditional eyebrow tattoos that use a tattoo machine and produce unrealistic block coloured tattooed eyebrows that go blue/green over time. Our cosmetic tattooist Samantha Perrett, is highly skilled in eyebrow feathering which is completely different, and instead utilises a feather stroke on the skin’s surface or first few layers of the upper dermis, to produce stunning brows that look completely natural.

Eyebrow feathering involves manually etching the skin with a very fine blade/small needle implanting hypo-allergenic pigments into the skin in the direction of your natural brows to mimic your real brow hairs. Creating a soft feathered effect, you will have on-trend eyebrows that are incredibly flattering for your face. Eyebrow feathering can also be individually customised to help you cover any gaps or scars in your eyebrows, and can fill them out to look more beautiful.

Eyebrow feathering is quite a different process compared to typical tattooing, and there are a few more points you should keep in mind when it comes to your eyebrow feathering appointment. Eyebrow feathering is performed after a topical anaesthesia is applied and allowed to work for 30 minutes. The procedure generally takes about an hour so your appointment should be booked for at least 2 hours. Most clients are able to return to work after having their eyebrow feathering, depending on how comfortable they feel. Most people will experience slight redness and/or mild swelling, and this is not uncommon. All you need to do is apply a cold pack to the treatment area for 10 minutes at a time. This is most important during the first hour after the procedure, and you can continue to do so several hours after treatment. Before you leave your finished appointment, ensure that you review your post treatment instructions, and feel free to ask Samantha any questions that you may have. To keep ensure your eyebrow feathering is successful, you should schedule a touch up 4 to 6 weeks after your initial procedure.

Eyebrow feathering is a safe and relatively painless procedure that will provide you with perfect and full eyebrows everyday. As a dedicated cosmetic tattooist Melbourne, Samantha has many years experience with hair styling and make-up, and knows exactly how to make City of Ink eyebrow feathering clients look and feel fantastic.
As well as general tattooing and eyebrow feathering, City of Ink can help you if you want to remove your current tattoos with our specialised laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal utilises target beams of light to break down the ink in your skin, and the number of sessions does depend on the age, size and thickness of the tattoo, the type and depth of the ink, colours and intricasy of the tattoo, and even scarring and skin type. The type of treatment also depends on whether you want to completely remove the tattoo, or whether you just need to lighten it up enough to cover it over.
When it comes to beautiful eyebrows, new ink or removing ink, the team here at City of Ink – Tattoo Shops Melbourne can help you out. Give Jake, Samantha, and the team a call today on (03) 9077 1818.